From the tenth to the twelfth century, the suzerainty of the Cernay area belonged to the Counts of Breteuil family. Under the reign of Philippe Auguste (1180-1223), three lords shared the land: the Lord of Bois Anzeray and his two vassals Hugues Hellenvilliers and Henri Vitot. At the end of the thirteenth century, the property returns to Lambert de Cernay, whom was a bourgeois of the Nouvelle Lire.

During the Hundred Years War, the Cernay land belonging to Robert Danvy him was confiscated by Henry V, King of England (1413-1422). From 1482 to 1562, the David family was Lord and ruler of Cernay. It is during the fifteenth century that a first Mansion was built on the land. The David family was succeeded by the family De La towards the end of the sixteenth century .

In 1601, due to the union of Françoise de la Plesse, who was the sole heiress of Cernay, the ownership of the property is transmitted to the family Le Cerf until the French Revolution..

From 1789 to 1846, the property belongs to the « De Cernay » family which will then sell to Mr Cavelier Esclavelles whose family lived there for 44 years.

The Castle was again sold in 1901 to Mr. Alcide Poulet, direct ancestor of the current owners.

The first building, more modest did not include the two existing wings added by Alcide Poulet.

Classical Castle made of brick and stone of the eighteenth century, Cernay was partially destroyed by a terrible fire in 1981.

The property was fully converted into a hunting lodge by Francis Labelle, husband of Andrée Roy Poulet, who was the grand daughter of Alcide Poulet.


His son Edward Labelle, the actual owner, revived the Mansion and restaured the Gamekeeper's house and the Chapel in gîtes de France starting in 2002.


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