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The 18 acres park has suffered from the storm of 1999 but as time passes it is being progressively replanted. Located in the middle of an estate of 600 acres of woods, fields and meadows, it ensures you quietness and peacefulness..

A unique orchard wall with a triple curve made of cob

The orchard was entirely replanted in 2001. It will give you organic fruits during picking season. This includes apples, raspberies, blackberries, and currents.

Your arrival at the estate of ​​Cernay is through an avenue of 64 yews and as many lime trees. 18 acres of park including three cottages spaced 300m from each other in a serene countryside .


Welcoming you in summer... in winter

or if you have the means...

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The Mansion awaits you


Chateau Eté


Chateau hiver


      The mansion almost disapeared, like the chapel and the gamekeeper's house.
Château brûlé
maison de garde chapelle


          Renovations began in 2001 but there are still other buildings to rebuild.

Old Cider factory


Stables and two pavillions



Next to the mansion, is an orchard with an exceptional wall, unique in its genre with orchard trees blooming during the spring.
Vergerie Vergerie


             All of this in a 600 acres estate in which you can roam around freely.

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